7 Best Beer Pong Tables 2020 – Reviews With Pros & Cons

Do you have a heartwarming desire to hold a glass full of Carlsberg, surrounded by your best mates over a beer pong table? It is the most amazing and exciting way to spend a quality and memorable time at a party with your mates. You just need a couple of friends and this game becomes far more exciting than ever before.

When you are in the middle of a party and when the atmosphere turns out to be quite amiable you should buy a specific table for playing rather than putting your kitchen table at risk.

Some Of The Best Beer Pong Tables: Specifications

1. Party Beer Pong Tables

If you are looking for a party framed beer pong table with customized LED lighting and the US flag on the surface, then Party Beer Pong table is the most appropriate table for you to buy. The customized LED lights make it pretty cool for a party purpose and if you find that you need to turn off the lights and make it look more interesting-then Party Beer Pong Table will give you an amazing look in the darkroom. This beer pong table is made with a wax layer coating on the top, to make it liquid resistant and you just need a fresh wipe to clean it. You can fold this table to 2ft by 2ft, as it is a lightweight table.


Length8 feet
Weight24 lbs
Height28 inches
Additional feature6 ping pong balls.


  • Lightweight material along with folding options.
  • Multiple designs are accessible.


  • Batteries are required for LED lighting.

It is better for us to inform you that this product has received a lot of criticism for the installation of LED light panels.

2. GoPong Pro 8-Leg Beer Pong Table (Premium)

Go pro 8-leg beer pong table is solely dedicated to tall people, who find it difficult to play games in a low height table. The foremost criterion to buy a beer pong table is to consider the height that you find- well accurate for your group of friends. This 36-inch high table is enhanced with a sleek black design- good for pro-level players..!! The MDF design of this table makes it look appropriate for professional players but you can even buy GoPong for party serving purposes.


Length8 feet
Weight36 lbs
Height30 inches
Additional feature● Aluminum frame with powder coating.
● 6 ping pong balls.
● Efficient for portability.


  • Appropriate for tall people.
  • Storage with folding options.
  • It comes with balls.
  • Easy to clean as it is made of MDF.


  • No folding option available.
  • Not for people who are under 5 ft 9 inches.

There is no such important criticism about this product. The customer feedback has awarded this professional beer pong table with a 4-star rating on Amazon.

3. Floatation iQ Hydrapong Floating Beer Pong Table (Regulation Size)

Have you ever wondered how to play beer pong in the swimming pool?? The easiest way to answer your question is a floating beer pong table, which is also known as “Beirut” Table. As we have said that this floating beer pong table is unique and simultaneously the constituent materials are also different.

  • The floating criterion of this beer pong table is ensured by a thick foam layer which acts as a tear-resistant as well as it helps the table to float smoothly.
  • There are convenient holes on the surface of the table that allows you to hold cups at the time of floating.


Length6 feet
Weight7 lbs
Additional feature● Tear-resistant material.
● 4 ping pong balls.


  • No inflation is required at the time of floating.
  • The Holder cup is arranged in a well-defined position.


  • Not essentially full-sized with 8 feet models.

It is available in three different colors; you can choose the best color for you so that you can enjoy playing beer pongs at pool parties.

4. Red Cup pong Folding beer pong table

Now if you are looking for a beer pong table with the coolest form of design then the Red Cup beer pong table is your perfect choice. This beer pong table is unique in its appearance and it adds an attractive feature of the design which is exceptional from other beer pong tables. This table is a perfect destination for playing beer pong games as it has got an in-built bottle opener, along with a full-length table that gives a pretty sturdy look.

  • It is made up of foam which is surrounded in the underneath of the table to keep the ping balls.
  • The table is perfectly a party beast for guys like you, who love playing beer pongs.
  • This table is enhanced with an exceptional folding criterion, which is quite accessible after the party is over.


Length8 feet
Weight8 lbs
Height25 inches
Additional featureInbuilt bottle opener, along with 6 ping pong balls.


  • The customizable folding option allows the table to compact to 2ft X 2 ft.
  • It has got a perfect ball holder.
  • The design of this table is perfect for basketball fans.


  • Cups are not suitably fitted in the holders.

Red Cup pong tables have gained a lot of appreciation from party hoppers. This table has got a more customizable option than any other table available on the market.

5. Sharper image mini beer pong Table

Sharper mini beer pong table is arguably the best beer pong table for people having a very limited budget.  This table is also acknowledged as the most portable table available on the market. This table has got an enhanced mode of foldable option along with plenty of extra ping pong balls. Sharper mini beer pong tables are also entitled to a catapult that allows players to fling the ball. You need to know that mini beer pong tables are not full-sized beer pong tables, it is 25 inches in length and it has got a folding range up to 7 inches in the vertical direction.


Length8 inches
Weight2 lbs
Additional featureIt comes with 2 wooden balls, 25 plastic cups, and a storage bag.


  • Well affordable.
  • Enhanced and customized portability option.
  • Catapults and flinging pong balls.


  • Not for big parties with a lot of people.
  • Liquids can leak at any moment.

There is a huge demand from party hoppers for this fantastic beer pong table and you need to know that this table is not very frequently available on Amazon for a high range of demand.

6. Versapong portable beer pong table:

Sharing a Versapong portable beer pong table with your best friends makes it an amazing experience. In this regard, it is important for us to mention that the Versapong Beer Pong Table is highly durable, customizable with a sturdy tripod base. Once you have done with setting this table in an appropriate space then all your burdens are over and you can party till dawn reaches.


Dimension15 x 6 x 15 inches
Weight1 pound
Height3 lbs
Additional featureIt can be carried anywhere, easy for transportation.


  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Versatile.
  • It is designed according to the requirement of the new trend.


  • The lighting mode is not enabled.
  • No extra ping pong balls are provided.

Versapong Portable Beer Pong table is available at a cost of $100. You can search for this table on Flipkart, Amazon and other accessories hubs online. Another important feature of this beer pong table is that – it consists of a backpack strap and an efficient travel casing.

7. Sports festival beer pong table:

According to the best editor’s pick sports festival beer pong table stands out to be one of the most amazing products of all time. People in the United States of America were filled with enthusiasm to get a table that has got the national flag of the US on the top surface. Sports festival 8- foot portable table is very lightweight and it allows players to carry it to all desirable destinations.

This table also comes with LED lighting and it makes the national flag on the surface glowing at the time when the party hits the highest peak. As it is an editor’s choice material so we are not talking about the dimensions and specifications. This product has gone through a lot of filtration to be on the top of the editor’s choice.


1Q. Now, why should you buy this product?

Ans: Festival depot has served the party hoppers in America with a flawless melamine surface that has given this beer pong table an enhanced elegance. The aluminum structure provides high durability and strength. Sports festival beer pong table is protected with a waterproof covering on the top surface and its weight is approximately between 20 to 25 pounds.

2Q. What about the cost price of this amazing beer pong table?

Ans: If you are thinking that the cost price of this table is beyond your budget, let us inform you that the Sports festival beer pong table is available on Festival Depot at a price of $150.

Our Recommendation for the Best Beer Pong table:

Our recommendation for the best beer pong table goes to GoPong Pro 8 foot Premium Beer Pong Table, which is a professional table and it also serves domestic purposes with a high range of durability. So without wasting any time, go ahead with GoPong and have a great party over the weekend!!

Final Words:

It can be hoped that you have now gathered a complete idea of the best beer pong tables that are available in the market. You can buy the products offline and also shop these from the Amazon Online Retail Platform at the most affordable prices. Now parties with friends will be much more amazing. Enjoy beer and games at the same time on the Beer Pong Table. Please comment below and let us know about your experience after buying the beer pong table.

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