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Once upon a time, we used to have voice recorders, radio, mp3 players but with technological advancements, we have entered the era of smart gadgets. Smart fans, smartphones, smart cameras, and even smart bathroom showers, you name a gadget, and at the very least a smart version would be available. Nowadays, voice-enabled smart assistants have made way into homes and are being connected with other gizmos to make a smart home. One specific gadget that is getting integral to the smart gadget’s arena is a smartwatch.

While digital watches have been present for decades, smartwatches that can do a lot of stuff that a smartphone is capable of while also being literally handy are coming up right now. These watches can be paired up easily with a smartphone and work in tandem with it to provide a vast array of features. The best smartwatches, how to
select and how to care for it are all covered completely and comprehensively below: –

What actually is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a device that is portable and so devised that it can be worn on a wrist. They offer a zillion of features like smartphones such as notifications, heart rate monitor and much more. Their utility and use are extensive as smartwatches from some companies are designed explicitly for adventures like trekking while some are designed for water activities like scuba diving. Generally, the smartwatch domain can be separated into two categories- general-utility watches and specific-function smartwatches.

General-utility watches are designed to work in place of a regular watch and provide various connectivity
features to a smartphone along with it. They are somewhat of a miniature support device for your smartphone right at your wrist. The other category smartwatches although do a lot of similar features like the general -utility smart smartwatches but are made for specific purposes. This includes fitness tracker watches, adventure sports smartwatches, etc.

What does a Smartwatch do?

Smartwatches have a vast and varied utility in helping with our daily life. While some of them are centric to a single purpose, they do cover many aspects of that sole purpose. The major things a smartwatch can help with are: –

Media playback

Nearly all of the smartwatches are paired with smartphones and allow for music and media playback on the smartwatch screen. You can manage, change, pause, play and so much more right through your smartwatch even if the media is playing in your headphones through your smartphone. This empowers you with much less dependence on your smartphone as you can now easily play the media you want right from your wrist.  Another added benefit is that a smartwatch is also handy when you are trying to listen to music when in crowded public places or the gym.

Fitness tracking

If you are just a fitness enthusiast or a hardcore athlete or even just an average joe, the smartwatch allows you to keep track of your heart rate, steps taken and much more. With fitness getting much popular and becoming an important part of our lives, smartwatches allow for quality fitness tracking along with the other features that a fitness band doesn’t. Through several sensors like the Pedometer installed in the majority of smartwatches, you have a pretty concise evaluation of the efforts you are putting in physically every day.


This right here is the ultimate utility and the primary USP of a smartwatch. Smartwatches can indulge in passing notifications both to and from a smartphone. Many smartwatches display the notifications from your phone onto the
watch for your ease of checking them out, but a few of them even go a level higher. Some smartwatches like the latest Apple watch use special sensors to feel and detect the situations around you. A brilliant example of this is the Fall sensor that detects whenever you fall down somewhere and send a series of notifications to your smartphone. If you failed to respond, it automatically assumes that you are injured and informs the authorities.


Apps are another thing that a smartwatch owner can use to his or her comfort. There are basically two widely-used app ecosystems, i.e., Apple’s WatchOS and Google’s Wear OS. These ecosystems have their own set of apps that enable various utility task to be performed from your smartwatch. Many smartwatches designed for a specific purpose have apps meant to aid that specific activity.


Yes, this is no more just a science fiction movie thing. You can answer back to the text and other messages right through your Smartwatch by your voice. Most of the smartwatches include WatchOS or WearOS that allows for voice dictation directly to the smartwatch.

GPS and battery

Most smartwatches also have a GPS tracking ability that can keep track of your location all the time and also provide you with location-specific notifications. The battery is also a boon as using a smartphone cut down a lot of smartphone usage, and that saves a lot of battery.

What features to look out for in a Smartwatch

You need to look for certain factors and features when selecting the perfect smartwatch for yourself. Several features of a smartwatch are integral to proper comfort and compatibility in daily life. The most important features to look for are listed below: –


The importance of display in a smartwatch cannot be stress as important enough number of times. Mostly all of the smartwatches available now are constructed with an AMOLED or colorful LCD screen. The display is important as this is where you will view all your notifications, photos and other stuff that your smartwatch is meant for.

Keeping in mind that display aspect is also important due to the battery usage a particular color display has as on smartwatch. LCDs also are thicker than OLED ones, and that is why smartwatches from major brands like Apple watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear use this display to be slimmer and sleek.

Buttons or touch

With the advancement in the technological sphere, the touchscreen is something that is becoming synonym with all types of gadgets even in kitchen appliances. So, while selecting from a smartwatch with buttons and a smartwatch with touch might feel like a no-brainer, you need to read carefully all that is written next. Many times it is hard and irritating to select and view various types of items and information on a very small touch display. It can actually get a bit annoying task at times to navigate through the app and select the options/program you are looking to access.

Also, while the gesture-based interface can work effectively in tandem with the touch display, the functioning is not that sleek. Some smartwatches like the Apple Watch do come with the touch screen and buttons for an efficient experience. All in all, touchscreen smart watches are certainly the norm, but you can easily opt for an old-school one with physical buttons for ultra-convenience.


Personalization is essential when you are looking to buy something as personal as a smartwatch. A vast number of smartwatches available in the market now offer a variety of color combinations and styles to choose from. You can select the type of look, strap and even the watch dial details to your liking. Also, these are smartwatch brand that also offers material, finish and size variants to suit a large number of customers. Comfort should be your top-most priority as smartwatches are going to be used by you extensively and its comfortability on your hand will be important for effective functioning.

A slim and sleek Smartwatch that has an ordinary timepiece look to it is certainly the best you can go for. There are also many fashion-forward watches that are in trend and follow the styles staples of nowadays which is undoubtedly a great pick if you are wishing for something fashionable.

Charging and battery

Nearly all of the smartwatches now have color LCD or OLED displays that last for one or two days between charges at max so battery life is something you should seriously look on. Also, evidently the more you use several features of a smartwatch like the voice dictation or media playback, the battery can drain really quick.

Charging them is also a factor to keep in mind as most of the smartwatches do not have a USB port, but many of them support wireless charging ability. In a nutshell, always consider your daily usage when selecting a smartwatch so you can keep a check on the battery capacity you need.

Compatibility – most important

The whole concept of a smartwatch has been devised keeping in mind that they are to be connected with a smartphone to function as a subsidiary. That being said, the compatibility of your device and its OS become ultra-important to check with a smartwatch. Many major smartwatch brands like Fitbit, Samsung do have smartwatches compatible with both Android and iOS software, but a few glitches do happen in their functioning. Google’s OS that is known as Wear OS system has been the most Universal software used in smartwatches and works best with the Android system by Google.

All you need to do to connect your smartphone to your smartwatch is to download the Wear OS app and connect through it. On the other hand, another major product Apple Watch only works with the iOS system that is the
iPhone. Never buy smartwatch before checking it connectivity and compatibility with your smartphone is the conclusion.


An array of the quality sensor should always be your one of the top-most priorities when looking for a smartwatch. The sensors present on various smartwatches can help measure the heart rate, steps taken, miles walked and much more. These sensors store the information directly on the app connected to the smartwatch in a comprehensive and meaningful manner. Sensors that calculate as calorie burned, heartbeat rates can aid a lot while working out or even following a healthy lifestyle.

Even individuals with no plans to follow an exercise regime should look out for sensors as they can help detect a lot of health problems as well. Certainly, pay a bit higher for quality and premium sensors as they are an important part of the smartwatch extravaganza.

Voice Support

Option for voice commands is very essential in modern smart gadgets. Voice control goes a long way in helping perform a daily task to a smartwatch relatively easy. Just think of replying to all the text you get by speaking in your smartwatch and also using various features by the comfort of your voice commands. It can even help in displaying and responding to a specific set of information on the smartwatch. In short, voice command support can surely help you make the most of your smartwatch experience.


Pricing will certainly be on your mind when looking for a smartwatch to buy. And if pricing is not an issue, you might just pick the $1,600 Tag Heuer Connected the specs are best-in-class. If you are on a really conservative budget, you can opt for the smartwatches from the no-name brands on Amazon, but again you will get what you pay for. Most quality smartwatches and that covers nearly all of the best smartwatches listed here will be in the $200 to $500 range. The price also depends a lot on the variant selection, accessories, and customizations. For example:- Apple
Watch Series 3 starts at $329, but for its ceramic case with GPS variant, the price is nearly $1,400. In the end, the choice you pick should factor in your budget and opt for the best your budget can get you.

8 Best Smart watches:



Product Name

Buy Now


LIX Pen UV- Ideal for the professionals


MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen- Best aesthetics


DigiHero 3D Pen – The best pen for kids


7TECH 3D Printing Pen- Best user-friendly gadget


AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Pen – Ideal for high precision


Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen- Affordable and smooth


TRLife 3D Doodler Pen- Practice to your heart’s content


Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen – Best Value of Money

List of Best Smart watches:

1. Garmin Fenix 3

This smartwatch is certainly the best smartwatch from Garmin, a company known for its quality GPS technology around the world. This smartwatch is completely loaded with top-class features along with being designed as a sturdy and tough-wearing body. The materials used for its construction are premium as is both the rubber and metal band available as variants.

Garmin Fenix 3

As mentioned before Garmin are known for their top-class GPS technology which works like a charm with this smartwatch. The location tracking and live updates about the places are seamless and are delivered in an instant with the robust GPS. This makes the battery potential of the Fenix 3 commendable as it can last for whole weeks before needing a recharge that too when the GPS is being used extensively.

The watch can survive and thrive effectively in underwater activities like swimming, diving, shower, etc. This is made possible by the fact that the Fenix 3 comes with 100 meters of the water-resistant feature. Although the water type is a factor, the watch holds its fort in nearly all the moisture-related activities of daily life. The Garmin Fenix 3 also stands out as it does not copy Apple Watch or Android Wear once but actually has its own OS, its own integrated App Store and everything else needed to function effortlessly as a smartwatch.

The downsides to this smartwatch are not much as well except that there is no on-watch maps support. Another major absence is the Activity tracker for golf which incidentally is present on a number of Garmin watches. In a nutshell, the Garmin Fenix 3 has the best-in-the-smartwatch-arena battery, good and durable build quality with the most top-class GPS systems out there.  Do pick this one if you are looking for a smartwatch capable of being your companion for trips to any place in the world.

2. Apple Watch Series 3

Now we want all know how big a giant Apple is when it comes to technology and innovation. The efforts by Apple to create world-class quality smartwatches that can handle most of the utility that an iPhone user faces is evident in Series 3.

Taking the specifications and features a notch above from its predecessors, the Series 3 smartwatch is riddled with an immense amount of quantity functions, all the while maintaining its sleek and classy look that has become synonym with Apple. The watch sports a glitzy OLED display which is mesmerizing and bright. The display on
this watch has a staggering 1,000 nits of brightness prowess that makes it a powerhouse in the smartwatch field. Even though not a dedicated fitness watch, the tracking abilities of Series 3 is striking. A whole lot of fitness tracking options and sensors are devised into the watch for complete and comprehensive fitness tracking.

The battery life of Series 3 is the same as the Series 2 watch–18 hours of rigorous use. Generally, it gives a good usage of 2 to 3 days when used for daily life activities and days. A full charge of this smartwatch is also pretty quick which translates to way less charging and way more usage. The operating system on the watch is exceptional
as are the apps available on it which really help in getting the most out of this watch. The GPS also allows for quick tracking of your activities with no glitches whatsoever.

Performance is also the major USP of the smartwatch as Apple has put serious work in ensuring it works efficiently. The working of this watch is fast and crisp. The only blip is the look which has not been experimented with much and looks the same as the original Apple watch. Consider this high-quality smartwatch for completely balanced growth in smart watches and their functions.

3. Huawei Watch 2

This watch at first looks like a typical sports watch that is the norm nowadays but don’t be fooled as this smartwatch packs in a lot of advanced features in its modern look. The Watch 2 is integrated with Android Wear 2.0, the operating system quite popular with the smartwatches and also a lot better than the original Android Wear. The most striking feature about this watch is the comfort it offers. The built is exceptionally lightweight and makes the wrist feel no uneasiness at all. It is also sturdy enough to be worn for all daily life tasks, and the comfort factor fits perfect for that.

Huawei Watch 2

The variety of options and looks available to the user is also laudable and entirely justifiable for one of the best smartwatches out there. The sensors on this smartwatch are aplenty with sports and fitness sensors both. The feature to notice here is known as real-time workout guidance which works amazing for anyone who wants to use an aid or guidance while working out. The effect of quality sensors is that fitness tracking and other activities are instant and effective.

The battery life of the smartwatch is also pretty good considering the heavy features and gives a 2-days’ worth of usage on a single charge. The Watch 2 from Huawei also comes with NFC and Bluetooth support that makes Android pay an excellent possibility. Android pay although available in specific countries makes it possible to spend and buy without having to carry cash and what is more fun than to pay your bills through your smartwatch. While the Watch 2 is certainly one of the best, there are a few points as cons as well-large bezels that have not been adjusted perfectly leading to bit small screen.

The design of the watch is also simple which might not be for those looking for timeless or fashion-forward smartwatches. Buy the Watch 2 if you want a simple Smartwatch that is bang for its buck.

4. ASUS ZenWatch 3

The series of smartwatches that Asus has been bringing out for the last few years has been exceptional, to say the least. The ZenWatch series has been one of the most highly-rated smartwatch series for all the right reasons of course. The ZenWatch 3 looks futuristic and crisp with a shining texture all along and a minimalistic look. The final product we get is a watch that is future-centric while also not riddled with a lot of unnecessary stuff. The hardware is already backed by the reputation of Asus in the technology sector.

ASUS ZenWatch 3

The ZenWatch 3 comes with a near about completely bezel-less display. This is what it means being futuristic, and the design is no less with polished finishing. The style elements of this watch certainly high along with the compatibility as well making for a perfect all-day long smartwatch companion. The display is not just big but is also bright and vibrant with the AMOLED screen being placed to perfection. Just these features single-handedly allow the ZenWatch 3 to be qualified as one of the best smartwatches out there.

The body and its construction are no less premium with a durable build quality due to the jewelry grade steel being used. The front of the watch is also unaffected by scrapes and scratches all thanks to the 2.5 D Corning Gorilla Glass that has been used. The battery life though is a bit disappointed as it gives usage of 1.5 to 2 days at regular functioning. The fitness tracking factors are also not very extensive and can only be called as good enough for its other features. The Asus ZenWatch 3 is a tricky smartwatch that has a lot of premium level features like futuristic design, top-class display, hi-class quality built and a few downsides like fitness tracking and flimsy charging dock. Pick this one if you are not too interested in the fitness tracking aspect of smartwatches.

5. Samsung Gear S3

Samsung’s Gear series has been phenomenal in the league of smartwatches. The Gear S3 is a fantastic smartwatch as is the marketing strategy used along with it. The Gear S3 follows from the previous editions and select best out of them by adding a lot of new features on its own. While the costing of the smartwatch is a tad higher, the gadget we get for the price is an absolute stunner that has both looks and utility covered.

Samsung Gear S3

Right off the bat, the watch sports a modern look that is further enhanced with minor detailing which makes it an absolute style piece. The operating system of this watch is also Samsung’s own Tizen, which although has a low number of apps is quite on par with Android Wear. Also, Samsung is regular with the updates that make
more and more new features become available on this smartwatch. Then display remains on all the time and is animated with beautiful looking aesthetics.

The functioning of the display is also sleek, and there are absolutely no blips while navigation is done through the touchscreen. The user interface of the Gear S3 is what makes it worthy to be classified as one of the best smartwatches out there. It is highly intuitive and designed perfectly for ease of use for the user. This smartwatch is also loaded with a plethora of activity trackers, and even if they need big extensive permission, the tracking is quite robust.

The Gear S3 to might be a bit big for people with a smaller than normal wrist and also does not have any size variants. The Tizen OS also lacks a good number of apps, unlike its contemporaries who do pack in a lot of them. That being said the Gear S3 is a perfect Smartwatch with quality, durability, and efficiency is concerned. Barring major cons, pick this one if you are looking for the best smartwatch interface out there.

6. Motorola Moto 360

The minimalist and glossy design of the original Moto 360 was something that was lauded in the Smartwatch industry; the Moto 360 sport is more on the err..sporty side. The design has been kept the same with a few changes to make this watch even more sturdy so that it can handle sports activity effectively. This smartwatch can satisfy the average user as well as the sports-junkie with various features that aid an active lifestyle.

Motorola Moto 360

The screen and the whole of the technology designed to make this watch stand out from the rest. The Moto 360 uses AnyLight display which is a very battery-efficient and smartwatch productivity posting display. In a normal situation and lightning, Moto 360 display looks like any standard LCD screen, but whenever the watch is left idle, or there is a large amount of light falling on it then the display turns transreflective. This is an innovative technology that not only saves a lot of battery usage but is very convenient too.

The user can easily read the details on display without having to switch on or off the watch interface. The design of this smartwatch is another aspect to look for as it is quite sporty along with being modern and durable for taking part in sports activities as well. The sensors of the smartwatch are also the best when it comes to watches meant to stand a lot of fitness-related activity. The sad part to this although impressive smartwatch is that the battery is quite

A full charge gets about a full day of usage on a very restricted use which is not expected from a sporty smartwatch. It is certainly not bad for people with normal usage but not quite good for those looking for multi-sport tracking. The fact that smartwatch is built for an active lifestyle makes all of these disadvantages look strange, but it is still one of the best smartwatches out there. Go for the Moto 360 sport if you want a minimal watch that can aid a Healthy Lifestyle.

7. Xiaomi Amazfit

When it comes to budget-friendly products, no brand comes up better than Xiaomi. Xiaomi has a vast array of products that are amazing on the specs side and also light on the budget side. The watch-like the other Xiaomi products have been designed with the sturdy finish and feels very premium. Not just the feel, the materials used with this watch are certainly high-end that too at pocket-friendly pricing. The Amazfit smartwatch is a perfect balance of the classy, glossy look along with a few vibrant, flashy colors.

Xiaomi Amazfit

The display is another quality offering of the smartwatch as it is quite bright and looks pleasing to the eye. The display type is also trans-reflective so that means you can easily view the watch screen when it is idle or under a large amount of light. This display saves a lot of battery as you don’t have to switch on or even gesture anything at your smartwatch, the display is available for you to view all the time. Another major amazing feature on the smartwatch is its battery that can pump out about 3 to 5 days of usage on a single full charge.

This makes the Xiaomi Amazfit more than worthy of being placed on the best Smartwatch list. The smartwatch also has Bluetooth, GPS and a vast array of fitness trackers and sensors. Considering all of these features and USPs, the pricing of the Smartwatch makes it a steal. While this smartwatch does look like a perfect one, it does have few hindrances like everyone else on the list. The app along with this smartwatch is very basic in nature and does not allow for any extensive usage. The fitness bit is also bare minimum while the firmware is a sticking point as well. These issues do dent the perfection that the Xiaomi Amazfit could be, but they still do not affect its functioning and utility. Take this one if you need a cheap smartwatch that can give the hi-end ones a run for their money.

8. S928 sports watch

A smartwatch that is basic in its look and other physical aspects but solid in its inside specifications with a meager price sounds like a great gadget to own, doesn’t it? The S928 sports watch is exactly that smartwatch that is basic in it’s built and other physical attributes but makes up for it in its pricing and features integrated. The watch is made with a simplistic outlook and does not even have a fancy display instead it has a simple and clutter-free monochromatic display.

S928 sports watch

While the display may be a turn off for some users, the features on this smartwatch are certainly laudable. The heart rate monitor on the S928 can provide real-time heart rate updates for those looking to check their instant results. The GPS on the smartwatch is also a quite robust aspect with its accurate and instant tracking abilities. The GPS comes integrated with 3D accelerometer plus a 3D gyroscope that empowers a user to track every single move and see their results for them.

There is also a feature to keep track of the weather and other data that can help you many times in deciding whether to go out or not. The efficiency and effectiveness of these features in actually functioning during daily life activities is impressive. There are frequent updates to the firmware and also the app that is used to assess the smartwatch which means improvement in functioning regularly. The S928 Sports watch is as basic as a smartwatch gets but also keeping the smart intact.

The app available along with this is very minimal, to say the least, and should be improved in the upcoming updates. Another blip is the restriction of the smartwatch language to only English while the app also supports only 12 languages. This is a huge issue for those who are not English speakers. The bottom line is that S928 watch is pretty effective as an inexpensive smartwatch that is minimal in its outlook and productive in its utility.

How to take care of your Smartwatch?

Just buying a smartwatch is not enough as a smartwatch requires quality care and attention to function at its level best. The ways by which we clean and take care of a regular watch are not effective and cannot be even thought of being applied to a smartwatch as it is a different gadget altogether. From cleaning a smartwatch to changing its strap, there has to be immense care taken so that the smartwatch remains intact and does not get affected in its functioning.

Firstly, the display of a smartwatch is not like a regular watch and thus cannot be cleaned with a damp cloth or any other clothing lying around. A non-greasy microfiber cloth is necessary if the touchscreen of a smartwatch is to be cleaned. Also, keep in mind that if you have been using a wet cloth to wipe the display then you should always turn off the device as anything to do with moisture can harm the smartwatch. Don’t even use tissues or paper towel that they can easily scratch the surface and also leave particles behind that affect the functioning of the touchscreen.

Another way to take care of your smartwatch is to look after the wristband and maintain it diligently. Many smartwatches come with bands that can be swapped out so you can change the bands regularly which ensures that the durability of your smartwatch is maintained at all times.

In cases of a fall or an accident if the smartwatch is broken or damaged you usually have to get a new one unless the warranty covers it. If you are going for an expensive model of SmartWatch, you should always look for the extended warranty options along with it so that you are assured of getting it replaced in case of any unfortunate miss happens or accidents. That being clear, smartwatches are not gadgets that require time and an immense amount of hard work to take care of them, but they do need daily looking after. Precautions should be kept in place so that they can function effectively and efficiently in everyday life.


With the most detailed guide on how and which smartwatch to buy provided in a concise manner, selecting the perfect fit smartwatch for your preferences should be a cakewalk. The smartwatch must be chosen with the features and the utility factors in mind as well as the review given for each best smartwatch. The gizmos selected and listed are certainly the best you can pick and choose from as they all offer high-end specifications and durability at fair pricing.

A smartwatch can be a boon in a lot of ways for an individual. As the world is already shifting swiftly towards smart gadgets due to their comfort and convenience, a smartwatch can surely be the best gadget you buy for yourself today.

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