Best Smartwatches in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Smartwatches are becoming trendy and highly functional these days because of the advancement in technology. These smart gadgets are getting updated from time to time and it is becoming the ultimate accessory today for a Smartphone. It allows you to stay updated with recent news, reminders, email notification and a lot more. Not to mention, the Smartwatches today look stunning and considered to be a status symbol indeed. There are many different types of Smartwatches and each comes with different advantages, making it puzzling for people to make the right decision. So, for your assistance below is the list of factors to consider while buying the Best Smartwatches 2020.

Best Smart Watches

Types of Smartwatches:

  • Companion Smartwatch – This is the type of Smartwatch that demands a tethered phone to function optimally. It gives you notification, reminders and even options to receive the call directly from the wearable.
  • Standalone Smartwatch – This is the type of Smartwatch that works without any wireless limitations. It requires no phone to make or receive calls or browse the internet.
  • Classic Smartwatch – This is the type of Smartwatch that is more like a traditional wristwatch but with some advanced Smart features.

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Features of Smartwatches:

Longer Battery

The best Smartwatches 2020 comes with good battery backup which lasts for long hours with a single charging. There are some models which can function uninterruptedly for several days

Apps Support

There are best Smartwatches 2020 which can display the notifications of your phone and also support different apps like Uber App for cab booking and many more for your convenience

Voice Answer and Messages

Some of the best Smartwatches 2020 also support voice messaging and answering of calls without even a phone. It allows you to reply back the text messages via voice command without taking out the phone out of your pocket.

Tracking Fitness Data

Most of the Smartwatches 2020 is GPS enabled and it can perform like a fitness band indeed to track your heart rate, pulse rate and also as a pedometer to track the workout regime.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Smartwatches 2020

  • Device Compatibility and OS – When buying best Smartwatches 2020, it is necessary to check the device compatibility and the operating system. It is better to opt for the Smartwatches that runs on Android OS and has compatibility with almost all the devices to support incoming message notifications and calls.
  • Display – The second major consideration is the display size of the Smartwatches. You need to ensure that it is the full touch screen with brilliant color schemes. It must have different color schemes for notifications and alerts to make you understand which notification or alert you have received. These days the Smartwatches displays are designed with AMOLED or colorful LCD screen and depending upon your need you must make the selection.
  • Button and Touch Interface – You also need to ensure that the touch interface and buttons are easily accessible. You must not struggle to find the buttons or access the features of the Smartwatches.
  • Water Resistance – Lastly, you need to ensure that the Smartwatches you are buying is water resistant and can withstand the water depth up to 30m.

10 Best Smartwatches in 2020



Product Name

Buy Now


S928 Sports Smartwatches


Pebble Time Smartwatches


Samsung Gear S3


Moto 360 Sport 


Asus ZenWatch 3


Apple Watch Series 3


Garmin Fenix 3


KingWear KW88 


Huawei Watch 2


XiaoMi Amazfit

List of Best Smartwatches 2020 – Buyer’s Guide:

Below is the detailed list of best smartwatches so that you can make a purchase decision.

1. S928 Sports Smartwatches

S928 Sports Smartwatches

S928 Sports Smartwatches are the most economical and advanced Smartwatch option in the market today. Designed with simple and fancy display and super high resolution, the S928 Sports Smartwatches are the best monochrome model that is geared with heart rate monitor, GPS technology and outdoor data recording facility. The Smartwatch is backed by some advanced features and it works smoothly in collaboration with the enter ecosystem of the watch to keep all its sensors in the overall surroundings.

S928 Sports Smartwatches comes with the built-in application which you may use to control. Its applications make the using of the watch really simple and easy. The default language of the Smartwatch is English, but its application support over 12 languages and the good news is that the application of this Smartwatch keeps on updating to support more languages and functioning of the watch. It is backed by the Android operating system.


  • Rich sensors
  • Refined appearance and reliable quality
  • Clean and simple design
  • Runs on Android
  • Supports 12 languages


  • Lacking in extra functionality
  • The app is not as exquisite as the Smartwatch

2. Pebble Time Smartwatches

Pebble Time Smartwatches

Although the market of Smartwatches is flooded with breakthrough models, still people prefer buying stylish and simple designs with simplicity and Pebble Time Smartwatches excel in this domain. This is the simple, yet advanced Smartwatch to buy and it comes with default rubber strap material, but it can be changed to steel strap so as to meet your individual taste. The Smartwatch comes with the brilliant color scheme with the reflective screen and the display becomes dim under direct sunlight to minimize the strain on your eyes. It is fully water resistant and can withstand the water of bathing and rain.

Pebble Time Smartwatch comes with longer battery life and it lasts up to four days with a single changing. It has its own storage space and comes with pre-installed applications that are compatible with the operating system as per your preferences. Its dial face is very captivating and it supports both Android and Apple operating system. Customization is possible as per your favorite style and the dial face doesn’t change and apps supported by the watch are free.


  • Easy to use and simple design
  • Longer battery life
  • Dial surface supports Android and Apple
  • Comes with dial face and weather of App
  • Water resistant


  • The display becomes dim under sunlight
  • Quality of Apps and the dial face is similar

3. Samsung Gear S3

 Samsung Gear S3

The gear series by Samsung has been dominating the Smartwatches arena for many years now and for some justified reasons. Again with the launch of Samsung Gear S3, they have proved that they are the real leader in this domain. It is the top level Smartwatch designed with all features required for making your life simpler and convenient. Unlike other Smartwatches, Gear S3 runs on Samsung’s own operating system called Tizen and it is the latest OS designed particularly for Gear series. Many features have been upgraded and the watch allows the users to save the Spotify playlists offline to its 4GB of storage. The S3 series comes with the eternal animated display which is really stunning.

Samsung Gear S3 comes with lots of motion trackers and it offers an intuitive and modern interface which is best in all means. The display and size of the Smartwatch are quite bigger with the larger dial and this can prove to be a drawback for people with the smaller wrist.


  • Brilliant display and dial face
  • Enriched with advanced features
  • Excellent quality and promising OS
  • Orderly sensors and motion trackers


  • Lacking insufficient built-in Apps
  • Watch looks bulky

4. Moto 360 Sport Smartwatches

Moto 360 Sport Smartwatches

If you are an athlete and looking for the best Smartwatches 2020, then reconcile with Motorola Moto 360 Sport Smartwatches which is suitable for fitness freaks and athletes. Motorola has maintained its signature style design and it comes with few upgrades and modifications. The appearance of the Smartwatch is very captivating and beautiful, while the screen technology is really updated. The watch makes use of Smart Technology like the wake-up screen at any time when you use it under normal lighting conditions, during workouts. It will show the standard LED screen. But once you take it out to sunlight the screen becomes the transmissive display. This ensures longer battery life and allows you to view time and date without straining your eyes.

The battery life of Moto 360 Sport is amazing. Despite a smaller battery, it lasts longer and powers your Smartwatch for many days with single charging. The Smartwatch has sports-loving design as it is primarily designed fitness freaks and athletes.


  • Optimal display technology
  • Practical and simple
  • Comfortable to wear


  • The battery drains with regular usages
  • No heart monitoring and multitasking features

5. Asus ZenWatch 3

Asus ZenWatch 3

After dominating the Smartphone and laptop market, now Asus has marked their footprints into the Smartwatches market with the launch of Asus ZenWatch 3. It remains the top choice for many people because of its advanced technology and attractive designs and appearance. This is the best Smartwatch to buy in 2020 because of its upgrade software and hardware. The Smartwatch has the style elements required for the modern lifestyle and it is comfortable to wear as well. The display of the Smartwatch is also amazing because of its right size and it is bright enough to look beautiful under any conditions. It comes with AMOLED screen which makes the display really wonderful.

Asus ZenWatch 3 uses the 316L stainless steel material for its outer shell and it is the jewel grade steel. The display is covered with 2.5D curved Corning gorilla glass which makes it scratch resistant. The battery life of the Smartwatch is also optimal which can last up to 2 days when used under standard condition. It comes with all basic functions like fitness tracking and motion sensing.


  • AMOLED Display
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable for wearing
  • Well made with jewel grade steel


  • Not sufficient for track functioning
  • Unsightly charging base

6. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple is more into designing Smartphone and iPads, but recently they have also marked their presence in the Smartwatch market with the launch of Apple Watch Series. Apple Watch Series 3 is one such contribution by Apple to the SmartWatch Market. The Apple Watch Series 3 doesn’t look different from the first generation, but there are some upgrades made on the Series 3 which make it the top choice for fitness and sports people. At its first sight, the buyers will be impressed with its wonderful OLED display that has the brightness of 1000 nits which is the crazy number and it is really fascinating.

Apart from its display, it also has other features like fitness tracking which powerful Smart Watches only have. Along with fitness tracking features, the watch has many reliable sensors which are the supreme grade in sports tracking. The Series 3 by Apple works on OS 4 system and it is equipped with GPS technology for tracking trajectories easily. The lifetime of the battery is 18 hours and it may last up to 2-3 days under standard usages.


  • OLED Display with rich features
  • Longer battery life under standard conditions
  • Fitness tracking and supports lots of Apps


  • It lacks in modern design
  • Poor battery life under consistent usages

7. Garmin Fenix 3

Garmin Fenix 3

Garmin Fenix 3 is the top rated GPS technology Smartwatch and it is seen as the holy grail of Smartwatch world because it is designed with all the basic features that you need for tracking like clear display and monitoring feature. The quality of the watch is also optimal. Garmin using the best in the class material which protects it from any damage and the table comes with two options – metal and rubber. The watch comes with the metal strap and the overall texture is quite satisfying. The lifetime of the Smartwatch is also amazing and under normal conditions, it can last up to weeks. It comprises the most powerful battery which you won’t find with any other Smartwatches.

Another great feature of Smartwatch is its GPS tracking function and the GPS technology is the amazing feature that is included in the Smartwatch. The Smartwatch comes with water resistant feature to a depth of 100m and this makes it highly water resistant that you can wear under any weather conditions.


  • High-end design structure
  • First-rate lifetime
  • Rich features
  • Best GPS tracking
  • Atmospheric display


  • No online maps
  • Not many Apps supported

8. KingWear KW88 Smartwatches

If you are in the market of Smartwatches and looking for something affordable and highly efficient, then KignWear has something to offer you. KingWear KW88 is the most affordable Smartwatch model that is enriched with features but with a lower price tag. The design of the Smartwatch is standard but it has a slightly strange camera function on the side. It uses the modified version of Android and it runs smoothly without lagging. It completes your task easily and it comes with a fitness tracker which is used to track workouts and progress. Moreover, it has associated Apps that allow users to track the activities optimally.

KingWear KW88 uses AMOLED display and it has standards saturated color schemes and good brightness levels with different viewing angles. KingWear offers the users with the ultimate configuration at the very minimal price. It is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology and mobile phone options.


  • Best features
  • Lowest pricing
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and Cellular data usages


  • Battery life is below average
  • No Android Wear System

9. Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2Huawei Watch 2 is the comfortable and lightweight Smartwatch that is equipped with the Android Wear 2.0 operating system and the performance of the Smartwatch is beyond expectation. The functions are richer and have great portability too. It gives you a comfortable feeling even when you wear it at daytime. The Smartwatch comes with a variety of motion sensors and other fitness sensors. It comes with a feature called immediate workout guide which is best for lazy people who want to boost themselves through the guide system. It has an activity positioning and fitness sensor capability which offers you the precise report of progression.

Huawei Watch 2 comes with a longer battery life which can last up to 2 days with single charging. It comes with NFC capabilities and Bluetooth and this makes the entire concept of Android payments easier.


  • Attractive Android Wear 2.0
  • Watches are comfortable and lightweight
  • Supports Bluetooth and NFC and Android Payment


  • Thicker borders
  • Smaller display

10. XiaoMi Amazfit

XiaoMi AmazfitXiaomi is a brand that is progressing rapidly in the Smartphone market by delivering affordable and feature-rich Smartphone models. Now they have marked their presence in the world of Smartwatches by delivering the users with Xiaomi Amazfit. This Smartwatch uses the high-end accessories and materials to enhance the built quality. It has a reliable and good appearance and enriched with the optimal transflective display that is easy to clean and bright enough.

Amazfit comes with a longer battery life and it can run up to 4-5 days with the single charge. It is the affordable option available which has many functional options like GPS, Bluetooth, sports trackers and different sensors. It comes with all basic application and lacks in sports monitoring functioning.


  • Enriched with high-end features
  • Longer battery life
  • Exceptional display
  • Design fashion


  • Hardware issues need to be fixed
  • Functions of supporting the application are not optimal
  • Lacking in sport functioning

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