Best Wireless Chargers 2020 : Buyer’s Guide

Wires are such a mess! Everyone thinks the same. However, wires are an integral part of our lives. We have to charge our phones with wired chargers. The advent of the wireless chargers was like a dream come true. Doesn’t it feel awesome; finally you are going to get rid of those annoying cables that are vulnerable as they eventually break or stop working. But, you need to have a good understanding of these wireless chargers as not all of them will work according to your expectations.

You would not want a wireless charger that involves a lot of intricacies, like finding the “sweet spot” or handling multiple phones at a time that require charging. Again, there are some wireless chargers which can take an eternity to charge the phone. To complicate matters further, you will find a plethora of wireless chargers and the manufacturers boasting their product as the best wireless chargers.

To make the task more straightforward for you, we reviewed a wide array of wireless chargers and handpicked the best ones for you in this comprehensive guide. So, without much ado, let us get familiar with the wireless chargers that pack a punch and will end your woes of charging the phone.

How to Determine the Best Wireless Chargers:

Okay, this just came to my mind. Before I reveal the names of the best wireless chargers; you should have your priorities clear on what you are looking for from a wireless charger.  Primarily, you can select between the two types of wireless chargers which are stands and pads respectively.

The decision to go for a pad or a stand wireless charger entirely rests on the individual based on their comfort and habits. The factor which is pivotal here is, whether the charger is capable of fast charging. Breakthrough improvisations in this arena have made these chargers incredibly fast. The speed of the charge is related to watts, like 7.5 watts, 9 watts, 15 watts and so on. Again, if you do not know this, the software has got a lot to do with the charging speed. You will notice the wattage speed appears on the box of the wireless chargers.

Choosing the Best Wireless Charger:

For sure, this is an intimidating task as there are a plethora of chargers to choose from. To complicate matters further, you will come across identical looking chargers which can baffle you easily. You should first take into account the type of phone you are using. Each phone requires different amounts of power; you do not want to find yourself in a situation, where you buy a wireless charger and a power adapter that delivers more power than your phone’s requirements. Presently, the iPhones require wireless charging up to 7.5 watts and the Android phones depending on the manufacturer can receive up to 15 watts.

Did you ever read your phone’s manual, if it is still resting inside the box, take it out and read it as you can quickly figure out your phone’s wireless charging wattage potential by referring to your phone’s manual? One crucial advice, remember some wireless chargers do not accompany a fast-charging adapter, in that case, you may require to get one separately. All set, now you should evaluate your priorities as follows:

  • A 5W charger will suffice if you are a diehard fan of super-fast charging speeds. The 5W chargers will be the most affordable wireless chargers and will work with most phone models. You also do not need to invest in an additional power adapter as the output power is only 5W.
  • iPhone users, you should first determine whether your phone is capable of wireless charging. If yes, then remember we already mentioned, the iPhone can only use up to 7.5W of charging power, so getting a more powerful charger would be a complete waste. Currently, many wireless chargers are designated exclusively for iPhones outputting 7.5W of charging power. We will introduce a couple of them in the review section.
  • Now, for Android phones, you ought to make some preparations. Since some of the Android phones are capable of up to 15W of wireless charging, you must get a compatible power adapter to sustain the high wattage. You will not find wireless chargers capable of more than 10W power.
  • Are you the person who loves to include a dash of style in everything you do? There is no reason, why the wireless chargers should be any different. Some good-looking wireless chargers double up as a phone stand. You get the convenience of orienting the phone horizontally or vertically even when it is charging.

Are there any specific phone cases for using the wireless charger?

Till date, there is no rule as such. However, some phone manufacturers including Apple make specific phone cases so that it works with the wireless chargers. When choosing the wireless chargers, you should go through the manual. Some wireless charger companies do give you a hint on the type of case you should use and the ones you should refrain from for allowing continuous charging.

The time now to introduce you to the best wireless chargers of 2020.

7 Best Wireless Chargers



Product Name

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Mophie wireless charging base


Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger


Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad


Ikea RIGGAD work lamp


Samsung multi-wireless charging tray


Ikea NORDMÄRKE triple wireless charging pad


Anker Wireless Charger, Qi certified Wireless Charging Stand

List of the Best Wireless Chargers:

Below we have discussed the best wireless chargers in detail to help you make a purchase decision.

1. Mophie wireless charging base


The Mophie wireless charger is a charging plate/pad exclusively designed for the newer iPhone models. Interestingly, the launch of this product was alongside the release of iPhone8 and iPhone X. You can expect fast charging speeds if you are using iOS 11.2 or above. The Mophie wireless charging base boasts of stunning design and is equally convenient to use. You will particularly love the grip which keeps the phone secured on the charging plate.


The Mophie wireless charger is very robust, it has a puck shape and has a coating, all these features will ensure the phone will never slip or scratch. The wireless charger also comes with a wall adapter. Thus you do not need to arrange one. Again the product is very light and takes up little space. It measures 0.45 × 3.82 × 3.82 inches and weighs only 4.37 ounces. Therefore, it is very convenient for you to carry it when you are traveling. The charging speed is fast and works best with the rubber and metal phone cases.


The price of this wireless charger will not make everyone happy. Considering, the product is not the fastest wireless charger; the price could have been compromised somewhat. It can only charge one phone at a time, and it does get a tad hot while you are charging a phone. Lastly, the Mophie base wireless charger is a single coil charger, unless you place the phone correctly, which is at the center of the plate, the phone will not take charge.

2. Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger

Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger


Looking at the Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger for the first time, I was not particularly elated. It lacks the good looks, but I decided to test it anyway. To my surprise, I found out; it does perform rather well. The wireless charger has a small indicator light, and it turns on when you begin charging your phone. The place where you position the phone is perfect, and it does charge the phone well.

The Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger has a welcome change, as it does not include the bright flashing LEDs or the backlit lighting. It shows the amount of wattage it is providing while charging the phone. In the entire charging process, I found it was rather quiet and stays cool. The indicator light stops pulsing once the charge is complete.


The product does not get hot while charging and the ability to adjust the wattage depending on the phone you are charging. It has a rubberized texture which prevents the phones from wear and tear.


Honestly, I could not find any severe cons with the Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger. If I must, then I will say, the price factor is going to bog down many users.

3. Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad

Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad


Here I found another wireless charger which was made in collaboration with Apple. It has a sleek look and includes a removable wall adapter. The Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad is capable of charging any phone that supports Qi wireless charging, but primarily it is designated for the iPhone models only.

I identified the iPhone variants are running on iOS 11.2 or above will charge faster than the other ones. Belkin has two versions of its wireless chargers, the white one is for the iPhone versions, and the black version is for the Android phones. The charging time is fast, and it can adjust the wattage depending on the type of phone you are charging.


First and foremost, it has the looks to deceive. I just could not get enough looking at it. However, Belkin matches up the performance with the looks. It is spacious, and you can conveniently place two iPhones and charge them at the same time. The charging time is relatively faster than many of the wireless chargers around. Lastly, it is not a big deal to identify the “sweet spot” for charging the phone.


Sometimes, the charger makes a noise while charging phones. Else, the other features look perfect. It has a large design; this might turn off a few people, mainly who are after the sleeker and smaller variants.

4. Ikea RIGGAD work lamp

Ikea RIGGAD work lamp


Unique and innovative, this is my impression about the Ikea RIGGAD work lamp. The manufacturer perfectly innovated the design since most of us are habituated keeping a lamp and the phone charger on the bedside. The Ikea RIGGAD work lamp as the name suggests incorporates the idea and has come up with a stylish wireless charger.

I must say, this product offers the ultimate convenience, nothing can be better when you can plop your phone beside the bed, and charging happens. The lamp is very flexible, and it helps you to determine the right spot for placing the phone: a futuristic experience, no doubt.


The very presence of a lamp makes it superior to its competitors. Performance wise it is also decent. For further convenience, it includes a USB port, so that you can attach other phones as well.


Seriously, I was unable to find any issues with this wireless charger, except that it has a minimal case range. Those who have a knack with colors will not like it, as the product has only one color option.

5. Samsung multi-wireless charging tray


Thinking about the number of phones in use in a household, I thought about searching for a wireless charger that supports more than two phones for charging. The Samsung multi-wireless charging tray is what I found. First of all, this wireless charger from Samsung looks unusual but it is stylish, for some, it may be a welcome change from the conventional looking wireless chargers. Samsung has involved a lot of thoughts behind this product. It includes two LED lights as charger indicators, but they are not very bright, which won’t hamper your sleep. Get all your phones charged up as you sleep.


As already mentioned, the look of this product is stunningly different. It has matching speakers with it which is a bonus. The facility to charge three phones at the same time is something which many people would prefer in wireless chargers.


But, I was severely disappointed at the time it takes for charging the phones. Even the Samsung phones do not charge quickly, which is a serious letdown. You need to be careful while placing the phones and during the charging process they will look awkward.

6. Ikea NORDMÄRKE triple wireless charging pad


Another wireless charger from Ikea and this does not include a lamp. I included this wireless charger purely on its merit. It has a plethora of features and can be said perfect in all aspects. The wireless charger looks crisp which does make up for its vast surface area as it is backed with a simplistic aesthetic just about perfect for any environment.

The base of the charger has a round rubber foot that helps to place the phones on it. It can charge four devices at a time. It uses the Qi standard for charging, and you have the choice of selecting from a wide array of matching cases. This has to be the best wireless charger I have come across so far.


The inclusion of a USB port gives you the convenience of charging four phones at once. Despite the host of features, the wireless charger has a reasonable price. The colors are vibrant and appealing, generally available in two variants, white and wood you can make your call between a modern looking charger or the more conventional one.


I really wished, the Ikea NORDMÄRKE triple wireless charging pad to be free from any flaws. Honestly, I was overawed by its comprehensive features. But, it also has its share of flaws, like the non-inclusion of any indicator lights is a letdown.

You have to periodically check your phone to see how much time is left for charging. The charging speed is not very fast; it is advisable to leave the phones overnight for a full charge. A charger, which has the ability to charge so many phones, will apparently be bulky. So, this wireless charger is not a great option as far as portability is concerned.  Lastly, it only includes a 2m cable this could have been longer for the convenience of users.

7. Anker Wireless Charger, Qi certified Wireless Charging Stand

Anker Wireless Charger, Qi certified Wireless Charging Stand


Anker is a household name in the category of wireless chargers. A company which has more than 20 million dedicated customers indeed deserves accolades. After setting my eyes on this product, I immediately liked the futuristic looks and the sleek design. Yet again, Anker has lived up to his name, as this is a very decent charger, capable of a versatile performance.


Initially, when I saw this wireless charger is only a 5W charger, I thought this would take an eternity to charge the phones. But that was not the case, true to the claims of the manufacturer this wireless charger does charge phones relatively faster than any of the other 5W variants. You can use a host of phones to charge with this wireless charger.


Those who appreciate faster charging would not vow for this product. Furthermore, you need to make certain adjustments like closing all the apps on your iPhone to ensure the charging time to be faster.


It is still early days for the wireless chargers. The technology is continually evolving so you can expect further improvisations in the wireless chargers that are slated to release in the future. Without a doubt, wireless chargers are fast becoming indispensable and convenient for everyone for all the right reasons.

For now, you can choose a wireless charger from the list I have provided here. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the upcoming wireless chargers and will update about them as soon as I get my hands on them.

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